data feeds
API3’s dAPIs are aggregated from first-party oracles* directly on the native chain. This means that you always know where your data comes from and never have to rely on cross-chain bridges as a centralized point of failure for your dApp**.
*Oracle nodes operated by the source-level data provider
**In the past two years, bridges have been exploited for over $2.5B USD
How are dAPIs different?
API3’s data feeds, dAPIs, get their data directly from the source without relying on third-party middlemen. The dAPI aggregation contract resides on the same chain as the consumer dApp, meaning the data is never bridged over and exposed to bridge exploits. This maximizes the reliability and transparency of our feeds, resulting in safer DeFi for everyone.
For Developers
Data services for developers who prioritize security, transparency and accuracy.
API3 builds solutions that bridge the gap between off-chain data and on-chain applications with maximal security and minimal latency. Below you can explore our currently available services.
OEV - the antidote to MEV.
OEV Share is API3's solution to minimize the value loss caused by MEV and return extractable value to DeFi dApps and their users, not market makers. OEV is set to launch in 2023 and will be available for all API3 data feed users.
API3 partners
For Data Providers
Connect your data to decentralized applications.
API3 is decentrally governed by its token holders.
As a DAO, the API3 project is governed programmatically through the use of an on-chain voting mechanism, powered by the API3 token.
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